On Purpose

These are remarkable times. We have at our fingertips an overwhelming amount of information, and the opportunities before us seem almost without limit. And we're experiencing the unprecedented growth of a global middle class and all the material wealth and freedom that comes with it.

This progress is both exciting and unsettling: exciting because there's never been a global uplift like this in terms of sheer numbers and depth of shared and acquired knowledge; unsettling because, as individuals, societies, cultures, and companies, we seem less focused on where we're going than on simply getting there as fast as possible. And it's this focus on the how (to get there fast) vs. the where (our destination) that comes with a hefty price tag—to society and to each of us.

Over the centuries, the concept of purpose and how it can lend meaning to one's life has been a central topic of interest to philosophers and, more recently, scientists. It's not difficult to understand why. Purpose and meaning are directly related to the deepest questions we confront as a sentient species: Where did we come from? Why are we here? What happens after we die? What does it all mean? Many people address these questions through religion, spirituality, or mysticism; others through scientific questioning of what lies beyond our current capacity to observe. But whether answers to the big questions are sought through faith, science, or both, our impulse toward purpose and meaning appears to be hardwired and relentless.

As exciting as the current tsunami of limitless information and free choice is, it can also divert us from the path of this essential human quest. In its place we encounter nihilism, fragmentation, distraction, superficiality, ironic obfuscation, empty materialism, and importantly, boredom. Through this chaos of conscience and consciousness, On Purpose calls for a return to the pursuit of purpose in our lives. And the On Purpose app is a simple tool you can use to help make that happen—beginning today.

Let's begin by defining what we mean by purpose. A simple definition might be: the focused, active, values-driven pursuit of an identified and attainable goal within a given time frame. In our view, that time frame could last a day or a lifetime. In other words, your purpose is likely to change over the course of your life. Your purpose may also have different dimensions, including your family, your work, your community, and your own personal growth.

We all intuitively grasp, based on our own experiences, that we're happiest when we have a strong purpose and the vitality to pursue this purpose. Recent groundbreaking science also tells us that a strong sense of purpose is associated with increased willpower, physical and mental resilience, and a revitalized sense of happiness and well-being.

This graphic novel and app are about first discovering your purpose, and then pursuing it with energy and passion. They're designed to help you decide what’s most important for you and then follow through—stick to the path—on a daily basis, so that over time that purpose will become more and more present in your life.