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Kody Chamberlain

The artist behind On Purpose, Kody Chamberlain is an American comic book writer and artist mostly working in the genres of drama, crime, horror, and comedy. Vic Strecher chose Kody as artist/collaborator for On Purpose because of his deep experience and serious skills, his vivid imagination, cinematic approach to scene, as well as Kody’s ability to work brilliantly across a number of divergent visual styles.

In 2011, Kody completed his first fully creator-owned miniseries titled SWEETS: A NEW ORLEANS CRIME STORY published by Image Comics. This award winning crime noir centers around a homicide detective hot on the trail of a spree killer a few days before Hurricane Katrina. Kody is also the co-creator of PUNKS: THE COMIC from MTV Comics. PUNKS is a dada-inspired comedy done entirely in traditional paste-up using an old photocopier, an X-Acto blade, and a glue stick.

In addition to his extensive comic and graphic novel work, Kody is also an accomplished commercial designer, illustrator, character designer, storyboard artist, conceptual artist, and public speaker. Professional credits include DC Comics/WildStorm, HarperCollins, HOW Design Live, IDW Publishing, Marvel Comics, MTV, Mulholland Books, Sony, Universal Pictures, and Warner Brothers.

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